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Coming SOON, Scheduled for Release March 2016

Journey's End

March 2015, A Guilded Promises Novel.


Having grown up on the mean streets of nineteenth-century London, Caroline St. James is used to fighting to survive.

So when her beloved mother—abandoned and ignored by her wealthy family—suddenly dies, the scrappy twenty-two-year-old devises a plan to right this terrible wrong. With nothing to lose, she sails to New York to find the man who turned a cold shoulder to her mother’s suffering: Caroline’s grandfather. To settle the family score, Caroline infiltrates her grandfather’s privileged world, hoping to sabotage his business from the inside. But as she sets her plot in motion, she meets Jackson Montgomery, a virtuous man who is struggling to recover from a family scandal of his own. As their friendship grows, and Caroline begins to piece together the motives that led her family to turn its back, she is forced to make a decision: Should she risk everything in the name of justice? Or can she look toward the future and let love and forgiveness guide her instead?


A Western Christmas

Yuletide Lawman

A Christmas to remember—that's what Ellie Wainwright wants to provide for Sheriff Caleb Voss's little girls. But she can't agree to a marriage of convenience. Ellie wants nothing less than real love. Caleb long ago gave up on love, yet sweet Ellie's kindness to his children could make a believer of him again. 

Wagon Train Proposal


June 2015, JOURNEY WEST: Romance and adventure await three siblings on the Oregon Train

Love Inspired Historical continuity.


For the Sake of His Children


A marriage of convenience? Rachel Hewitt couldn't possibly accept. Not even for the sake of three adorable little girls who desperately want a new mother. Sheriff Tristan McCullough offers Rachel a home and family, but not the one thing she truly seeks—someone to love her for herself. 

Tristan McCullough hoped to find a wife on the wagon train, not a nanny. The hardworking widower wants a marriage without emotional risks. But independent Rachel intrigues him. One minute she's winning over his shy little girls, and the next she's tackling danger head-on. She might just be Tristan's unexpected second chance at happiness…if he'll risk his wary heart again. 

Heartland Wedding


February 2010, AFTER THE STORM Love Inspired Historical continuity.


Rebecca Gunderson’s fresh start in High Plains, Kansas, is destroyed when a deadly tornado wrecks the immigrant’s new home—and her reputation. Everyone knows Rebecca rode out the storm with the town’s blacksmith, and no one believes her time with Pete Benjamin was totally innocent. To protect her, Pete offers Rebecca his hand in marriage...but the grieving widower can’t give her his heart. Is Rebecca trusting her happiness to a man trapped in the past? Or will faith and trust finally bring them through the storm to a brighter future?

Mistaken Bride

May 2012, BOOK TWO in the IRISH BRIDES Love Inspired Historical continuity.


The Wrong Bride...the Right Woman?


When William Black's mail-order bride fails to appear at the Boston docks, he's relieved when beautiful, vibrant Bridget Murphy steps in.  However, she has a surprise in store.  She will be a temporary nanny to his young twins...but she will not marry without love.


Faith Glen, Massachusetts, is worlds away from the poverty Bridget knew in Ireland.  And William Black couldn't be more different from her faithless ex-fiance.  Yet that integrity Bridget so admires binds William to a promise that could keep them apart forever.  In this new land of opportunity, does she dare to wish for a happy ending?

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